Become Fit Top to Bottom


You know what they say about skipping leg day, right? The idea behind that is simple; if you want to be fit, you have to be fit all over, meaning that you can’t skip on certain muscle groups. There are so many muscle groups in the body that it’s hard to make sure that you hit all of them. Body builders often split their exercises according to their muscle groups so they can concentrate on them individually and build them up.

If you want to tone your entire body and make it stronger, it’s better to treat it as a whole and engage in full body exercises over individual ones. There are many full bodied exercises that will make you much stronger and fitter but they might not make you visibly bulkier all of a sudden. Even so, if it’s fitness you’re after then you can really benefit from full body exercises instead.

If you work out outside of a gym, you can look up variations of pulls ups and the like to target your entire body. Calisthenics may be a great way to train your entire body but there’s actually a lot you can do in the gym as well to this effect. Every gym has a rowing machine that you can make use of to train your whole body. Your instructor might tell you that this machine trains your back but it also engages your legs, torso and glutes as well. The rowing machine is so effective that we recommend that you look into buying one for your home as well; Shrewdfitness can help you figure out what kind of rowing machine would be best for effective full body work outs from home.

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