Getting our first car is one of the most memorable experiences of our life, it could have been a surprise present or something you worked for, but in any case, it is all yours for the taking. Of course regardless of how old or new your car may be, it still isn’t immune to running into any problems. A lot of drivers are in fact clueless when it comes to different problems their car might have, the most common one being a flat tire. You can visibly identify a flat tire because they are, as the name suggests, flat or deflated from the part that makes contact with the surface.

It is important to inspect your car every morning for it, but sometimes our car suddenly gets a flat tire while on the road. This can because of running into a pothole, driving into a nail or pointed object etc. It is important in any case to identify the flat tire so that you can call in roadside assistance to help you out so you can be on your way.

  • If you notice that you suddenly need to use a lot more pressure and exertion on your steering wheel than normal to keep your car moving in a straight road or taking any turns, it’s probably because of a flat tire since it compromises maneuverability.
  • If you feel like your car isn’t building upto its usual speed or is requiring more acceleration than normal, it could because of the resistance created by the flat tire.
  • An engine that is suddenly making weird noises can be a potential indicator of a flat tire or another underlying problem.
  • You can probably hear or feel a different friction, almost as if your tire rim is in contact with the asphalt directly.
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Nobody wants to get a bad or mediocre job done when it comes to anything. We don’t really want a house where we know that the foundation built isn’t the best, we don’t want to eat at places where the food is mediocre or might not have good quality ingredients etc. because we know that these things can be bad and dangerous for us, so it is better to actually abstain in these kind of situations.

A lot of times we hear people talking about how local car manufacturers and companies aren’t good enough and that it is better to get a European or Japanese car. While these cars are admittedly better in a lot of ways, they too come with their own drawbacks. The biggest problem is the availability of Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or OEM. However, a lot of people end up arguing that this isn’t important and that you can just replace it with a different company’s or local manufacturer’s cart. While this might work, it is actually short-lived. These parts won’t be compatible with the car’s exact make, so they will deteriorate a lot quicker and your car can then run into even more problems overtime because of this.

OEM parts are important because the original manufacturer made these parts keeping the car’s exact build and needs in mind. So, these parts will work best on their car. So, this is why it is important to find an auto repair shop that does have the necessary OEM parts to take care of your car, regardless of whether it is local or international. In fact, Perth Swedish Auto does provide services to numerous European cars, so regardless of whether you have a BMW, or a Volvo, you can even service your Audi with Perth Swedish Auto.

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