We were searching up ways to promote hair growth so that our readers can benefit from it and during our research, we came across a very strange thing which is that people are apparently using an anti fungal cream for hair growth. Now you may not find anything weird about that but you will when we tell you that the particular cream is made for vaginal yeast infections. We know it sounds crazy but apparently some researcher found that if the cream called Monistat is applied to hair roots then it clears up all kinds of fungal infections on the scalp and it also promotes hair growth.

Not only that, it is also commonly used to treat athlete’s foot, ringworm and what not which makes it an all rounder of creams. Even though you might have heard a lot of praise for monistat for hair growth, we would recommend that you get a dermatologist’s opinion first before you try to apply it anywhere other than the vagina because a yeast infection is not identical to a scalp fungal infection.

Another important thing to know about Monistat is that it is not supposed to be applied for more than 7 days but we have read that people often use it for more than that but we think that that is one more thing to ask your dermatologist. The side effects of using Monistat for growing hair is itchy and patchy scalp, bleeding, tenderness, migraines, rashes and discomfort.

People use Monistat when their hair is not growing at its usual speed and there is shedding of hair so they apply the cream to the roots and it shows its effects within the couple of days and it is said that the growth rate is faster than usual.

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Types of Facial Cleanses


Facial rejuvenation and facial cleanses come in many different shapes and forms. Each procedure and technique uses something different to achieve better, cleaner, and younger skin that is not prone to acne breakouts and clogged pores. There are a number of different procedures that a person could go through if they were interested in getting a facial rejuvenation procedure done or if they feel that as they age their skin does not look quite as radiant and lively as it used to be.

Now if some research is done you will find that two of the highest rated and most trusted procedures are the hydrafacial procedure and the microdermabrasion technique. The microdermabrasion technique is one where the dead skin is cut and rubbed off of your face. It uses an abrasive instrument of some kind, usually a diamond tip based abrasive instrument, that is rubbed against the dead skin to help remove it off of your face. The diamond tips will be rubbed on your face and will cut open the dead skin layers. Continuous rubbing will shred the dead skin right off of your face leaving glowing skin behind. This however can leave some itchiness behind and can leave your skin slightly red afterwards. For people with sensitive skin it might irritate it.

Hydrafacial treatment on the other hand uses a high-tech instrument that can create a sort of a vortex on the skin that shreds the dead skin and removes it from your face by itself. You will find if you go to hydrafacial clinics in Perth that the whole process is very gentle and does not affect you in a bad way regardless of how sensitive your skin might be. It also continues by deep cleaning the pores and removing debris that might be stored in them.

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Laser Treatment


People underestimate how our own feelings and emotions affect us and play a role in being confident and being healthy. It really can bring a person down when they are not happy with their body and can even lead them to go out and do something extreme to try and fix what they do not like. Body hair and unwanted facial hair is definitely one of these things and can be really annoying to get rid of.

The worst thing is that many people come to realize that the more they remove their facial and body hair the faster it grows back. This can become extremely annoying as you will have to keep increasing the regularity of hair removal, which can be a painful or time consuming process that can harm your skin, just to keep up a look that you like. Well this is where something like a laser treatment comes in.

Laser treatment is a method that is quickly getting traction and is becoming very popular and is quickly becoming a permanent fix for a lot of people who struggle with having a lot of unwanted body or facial hair. You will no longer have to worry hair growing back quickly or going through the painful process of using razors or getting your hair removed through waxing. You can simply get the hair permanently removed from any part of the body or from your face in a few easy and quick sessions that will leave your skin smooth, unharmed, and without the possibility of your hair growing back. The laser treatment is mostly painless, although some people do say a small pinch is felt, this is a relatively painless and easy process to go through. To find out more about laser hair removal clinic – Ruba Bar Laser & Skin Care have explained it on their website.

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