Diverse List of DJ Mixers in The Market


DJ mixers are the first step to becoming a great DJ which is why you should buy the best DJ mixer that you can find so that you can start learning the path in the best possible way. The only problem is that since the rise in popularity of DJ mixers, many companies have started manufacturing them which means that there are a lot of choices out there. Most of these DJ mixers are great but each have their own perks, drawbacks, features, costs etc.

So if you want to know which you should buy you should be asking what is 180 site? If you can find the answer to that question then you would get to know which DJ mixer you need. Let us talk about a few DJ mixers that are popular among the DJ circle nowadays.

Allen & Heath AH-GS2-R24M Studio Recording Mixer

This company does not joke around when it comes to DJ mixer and if you end up buying anything that is produced by this company then you would have a great time and would also be able to produce great music. This particular mixer is actually a hybrid console which means that it has both analog and digital aspects which makes it all the more interesting. It is a bit expensive and bulky but it offers features like a main stereo and a mono bus, 4 sub groups and many more features.

Yorkville PowerMAX 16-2

This mixer is often known to be a tame version of its other types but it is a beast when you compare the price and the features that it offers. The 4 amps of it deliver 3,200 watts which means that it can take over large venues which would make you popular in the DJ world.

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