Does The Right Mattress Really Exist?


If you have been looking for perfect mattresses all your life then you are in luck as we are going to reveal the name of the company that manufactures them; it is called Purple and the most famous mattresses produced by the company are purple 2 and purple 3. if you are looking for a comfortable yet affordable mattress then you should check out their mattresses and you would be thrilled to find the right mattress for you.

Heavy Weight Individuals

Often heavy weight individuals are never able to find that right mattress because all other mattresses sink beneath their weight which leads to a very uncomfortable sleep but Purple produces mattresses just for this purpose and they are called purple 4 and is made up of 4 inch layer of comfort grid and it can never go wrong.


Does your partner keep tossing and turning and you feel like you can never sleep peacefully because of him/her? This is a common problem that couples face and it often creates fight but with a Purple mattress underneath you, the fights can stop because it absorbs the motion of all sorts.

Hot Sleepers

Due to many changes in our body, the temperature of the body rises which hinders sleep and this is a problem that many women face. For such people, we would recommend that they definitely buy Purple mattress as it provides coolness to the sleeper throughout the night and make sure that the sleeper does not wake up from hot flashes just because of the mattress.

People With Body Aches

Many of us suffer from body aches and some of us have serious medical conditions of back, neck and pelvis that does not allow us to sleep well but a Purple mattress helps with all such aches.

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