How to Check For Copy Right Infringement


If you have suspected that some sort of infringement has been going on with your work or you are suddenly worried then you need to understand that you cannot just take your case to the court, you need to first check whether you are right in your claim or not. If you wish to better understand the whole concept then you should read up on the case of Mac Rust and you would definitely understand what this terms means and how the whole concept works.

Evidence of Your Claim

You would need to gather data from every single source available which would show that your work indeed has been subjected to copyright infringement by some other party. The sources could be anything like online material or even published material.

Evidence of Access

When presenting your case, you would need to actually show that the accused person had an access to your work that he/she was not granted. Now this step may seem a bit difficult but there are certain ways to do it like you can present online evidence which would be easy as all the work would be published online, you can gather eyewitnesses who must have seen that the accused person observed or saw your work without your permission, you can prove that the accused has somewhere confessed to seeing or hearing your work without your permission or you can prove the access in some other way too.

Time Period

It is very necessary that you try to find out and record the dates that the infringement occurred on so that your case would become stronger. It is also necessary to remember that you can only lodge an infringement case in the time of three years or it would not be filed.

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