Looking For an Effective Weight-Loss Diet?


Many of us are not aware about the fact that we can actually optimize our health with a diet that is deficient in carbohydrates but high in fat and protein. There is a common misconception that simply reducing the number of calories you consume per day would help you reduce weight no matter what the type of food it is.

This creates a lifestyle where people eat their favorite high sugar food items as they only worry about keeping track of the calorie intake. Although being in a calorie deficit state triggers fat burning process in the body but it cannot be optimized to its full potential if the insulin level in the blood is high above normal. The concept of keto diet is basically to survive on high fat foods that have low or no sugar in them which causes your body to be in ketosis. As soon as your body enters into this state you would start noticing that your waist is rapidly reducing and you will feel more focused throughout the day. The sugar that we consume per day not only makes us obese but it causes drowsiness and dizziness which makes us very sleepy as soon as we have a meal.

During your initial phase of following a ketogenic diet, you might feel weak because of sudden reduction of sugar from your diet but after some time your body would adjust to this change. If you are not sure about the “live thin from within” program, then you can read reliable reviews on the website of BGH Med. Metabolic dysfunction is a major health issue among people in the West who have high carbohydrate diet and following a keto diet would allow you to burn the fat that is stored in the abdominal area.

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