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If you have Netflix then you probably love it and the ease and convenience that it provides you with. I personally love it because I hated having to sit around and wait for the TV channels I had access to so that they can put up a weekly episode. If I ended up missing the episode or if I forgot to have it recorded then I would just have to sit around and wait for reruns or I would be missing out on what had happened by the time the next episode came out in a week’s time. The other alternative I would have would be to stream shows online and watch them all online.

Although I did start doing this and was quite content with it initially, the problem came when the sites began to shut down and the only ones left online had really slow streaming, lots of malware infused ads that would keep popping up everywhere, and also access to very few tv series and episodes. It often took me over an hour to watch a 25 minute episode because of how bad the streaming got and my laptop started to get affected by the unreliable websites. This is where Netflix came in and was able to give me access to a lot of shows without worrying about any of that.

However, the problem with Netflix, for me, initially was that it did not have all the content and shows that I thought it would. It wasn’t until later that I found out that netflix usa was the one that would have a better range of shows available. I was easily able to switch from my Netflix to the netflix usa option by using a VPN that could hide my virtual location and move it to the USA.

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