No Sun, No Problem


In these times, everyone’s trying to sell you something and not all of these things are safe for you to be using. There’s always a sneaky little warning somewhere that keeps you from holding anyone responsible for any harm that might be done to you from using their product.

The only way you should try something new is to do your research as thoroughly as you can before you actually go and buy whatever it is that you’re interested in, especially when it comes to things that will affect your body.

Tanning tablets might sound very fishy to those who haven’t used them (and those who have had bad past experiences with similar body altering supplements). Dark Lush understands your concerns and wants you to know that what they’re selling will work for you without causing you any harm whatsoever. You can check out their website at and if you want to see what others have to say about Dark Lush’s tanning supplements, you can check out the website’s Twitter as well.

For a very long time, we’ve been relying on exposing our skin to UV rays and sunlight to boost the levels of melanin in our bodies in order to get that nice bronze tan all over the skin. The problems with tanning beds is that they can be dangerous since UV rays can cause skin cancer and in some places we don’t get enough sunlight to bask in the sun long enough for a tan. Tanning tablets are by far the most efficient method we have of upping our melanin levels and getting a nice and even tan and what’s more is that they’re completely safe to use as well – this makes them great news for those of us who want a nice and safe tan but don’t have enough sunlight.

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