Smart Numbers For Smart Businesses


When it comes to promoting a business, there should be no end to which you won’t go to make sure that your products and services are recognized. To cover all your bases, you need to make sure that even the minutest details of your business somehow market it better. You have to forward every benefit you can to your customers, even when your telephone number is concerned.

In Australia, businesses use something called a ‘1300 number’; this number is not just a way for businesses to be reached, it’s a very smart marketing tool – hence the term ‘smart numbers’. These numbers can spell a word on the alphanumeric keyboard, which can be relevant to your business in any way or it could follow a memorable and easy to follow pattern. Here are some benefits your business can enjoy with local 1300 numbers.

Easy to Memorise

If you’re going to be advertising your business on sign boards and TV adverts, your viewers will only have a couple of seconds to memorise your number. However, if your number is very easy to follow or memorable as explained above, they’ll memorise it whether they want to or not. This makes local 1300 numbers very powerful marketing tools.

Promote What You Have to Offer

When it comes to promoting your business, there’s no such thing as too much promotion. If you’re selling a product or service, you should do all that you possibly can to put yourself out there and what better way to do this then having your customers reach you on a number that spells your business’s name? Local 1300 numbers can promote the name of your business in a very smart way that puts you miles ahead of those businesses that haven’t yet caught onto these numbers.

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