Why a DUI Shouldn’t Be The End of Everything


We have been taught the importance of making and maintaining a good record from a young age. It starts early with schools and the concept of report cards.

How one F grade changes the way a teacher views you, or how it can affect your chances of getting into a good high school or college etc. Next comes or record in general, we know that maintaining a spotless record is necessary since it is viewed every time we apply for a job or other important events.

Getting a charge written into your permanent record compromises these chances and can affect the rest of your future. Getting charged with a DUI, even once can have severe consequences for you later on. California considers DUIs to be a strict offence so you will be judged strictly over them. While inexcusable, this one mistake shouldn’t necessarily have to alter the rest of your life. In the end, we are human, and sometimes we do make reckless mistakes.

First of all, when you are being suspected or charged with a DUI, you need to deny field sobriety tests since they’re mostly used to collect evidence so that you can be charged later. You do have the right to deny this. Next, find a good Fresno DUI attorney to help you out with the rest of these proceedings. If you have a good case with little evidence, your lawyer can challenge the prosecution in course and get you a lighter sentence, and if completely successful, even manage to remove the charge from your permanent record. So, a DUI doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the world for you, rather you just need to follow the right steps and know how to deal with the proceedings so that you get to maintain a spotless record.

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