Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Better


Numerous polls and surveys have found that one of the first few things people will notice about you is your smile or your teeth. Now as much as we talk about not judging people solely on their looks, we will still unconsciously end up labelling people based on how they first appear to us. So, someone will unhealthy, discolored teeth will be viewed as someone who is lax about their oral health, even when that may not be the case.

Teeth discoloration can happen because of a number of reasons. The buildup of plaque is the most common one. Other reasons includes diets, staining due to caffeine, alcohol or nicotine consumption, and even because of aging. Now you may be tempted to buy a home teeth whitening kit, however, it is recommended to get it done professionally instead.

  • Professional teeth whitening is a lot better for a number of reasons, first of all, there is no risk of things going wrong. If you are getting your teeth whitening kit online, there is no guarantee that the components are entirely safe and you can be at risk of hurting yourself or causing damage.
  • Home teeth whitening kits cannot give you the exact results you want because they won’t vary from case-to-case. Professional treatment will assess your individual case, your teeth’s condition and then create a treatment that will be customized solely for you in order to get the most accurate results.
  • The results from home teeth whitening kits lasts for a short period of time, in fact, it can be stretched to at best, a few weeks. Now the results you get from professional treatment will last a lot longer, and with proper maintenance can even go upto a year.

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