Why You Should Not Turn Off Windows Defender


Microsoft introduced a handy little anti-virus called Windows Defender as a stock option in their operating system a few years ago. While at first some thought it is nothing more than a gimmick, over time, it has grown up to be a fan favourite.The key to a good operating system in my opinion is to make sure that it is not unnecessarily invasive; sadly, that is not the case with most of the options you have available in the market.

With Windows Defender, you don’t have to worry about anything as such; it is a simple program that does its job without making your PC feel like it is about to cave under all the load. If you are wondering how to get help in Windows 10, you can just press the F1 key, and you will be taken to a helpful guide. Right now, I am going to talk about why you should not turn off Windows Defender, seeing how many people tend to do that.

It Protects Your PC

If you are running Windows and wondering why you are not being attacked by a virus despite not having any anti-virus, then I would suggest that you thank the Windows Defender. While it may seem like it does not do much in terms of feature list, in reality, it does protect your PC very well.

It is Lightweight

While the 3rd party anti-virus programs are infamous for being too heavy on the resources, the Windows Defender is the complete opposite. It happens to be really lightweight on the resources, and you do not have to worry about your computer slowing down. In addition to that, it does not even annoy you by constant popups that have become the norm in the modern OS’.

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