Your Ticket to International Opportunities


English is one of the most widely spoken languages around the globe and is the official language of many different countries. It’s called the Lingua Franca specifically for this reason. Knowing English to a certain extent can go a long way for anyone who’s planning on going abroad; however, if one wants to study abroad in a university that uses English as the teaching medium, it’s important to have a good control over the language.

International students from countries that don’t have English as their primary language are required to prove that they have a firm grasp over spoken English as part of their application processes. There are many different kinds of tests that you can take to prove that you have a good grasp on English; some people opt for ILETS, which is the most thorough test of English proficiency but if your only requirement is to prove that you can converse in English, then you may sit a TOEFL exam instead.

TOEFL is widely accepted in 130 different countries and if you can get a good score on it, you’ve already got 50% of that acceptance. This exam demonstrates that you have the skills in English that you need to succeed in your studies as an international student; even the questions you answer on the test are based on academic situations. You can prepare for these questions by heading over to

The scores on TOEFL are fair and unbiased, which is why it’s so trusted. The exam is easy as long as you have decent skills in spoken English and to be prepared, you just need to practice speaking exercises that help you talk more clearly so that the examiners can understand what you say; you’ll be given the score you deserve.

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